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I like these shoes style

I have gone through countless pairs of shoes searching for the right shoes for my job. I work in a fine dining restaurant so we need shoes that look dressy but are slip resistant and durable. Add to that the fact that I live in a snowy mountain town, for which ankle NFL Football Jerseys are best suited, and finally my sore feet and ankles which have endured several running/overuse injuries from marathon training and you have on your hands a definite challenge in the footwear department. During the two years that I have worked at this job,MLB Baseball Jerseys I have gone through so many pairs of shoes from Skechers and many other brands: some don't last more than a month because I run them into the ground so quickly while others prove to be uncomfortable for long hours on the move. When I purchased these,NBA Basketball Jerseys they were a new item and had not a single review, but they are the right style and seemed like a good shoe to try, especially when I have nothing to lose considering my expectations were running pretty low given all my specific requirements. These were comfortable right out of the box and required virtually no break in, and I found even compared to other Skechers shoes they were the most comfortable of any work shoes I have tried in my search. They look great, and fit as expected for Skechers (I order a half size up, I normally wear a 7 in any given brand but a 7.5 in Skechers). They seem very durable so far, are slip resistant, and clean up very easily (even just wiping with some water makes them look good as new - a must in the restaurant world). Of course anyone that works on their feet would be willing to pay top dollar for the right shoe, but these of course are affordable and, like I said, are far more comfortable and functional than other shoes costing more than double the price.

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I love the style, quality and comfort of these NHL Hockey Jerseys. I can't believe how comfy the inside is. I wear them every day with a range of outfits and they keep my feet from getting sore when waitressing for long hours.Amazon made it easy to get the right size. I am from Australia and usually a size 8, however turns out that a US 7.5 is the equivalent I actually needed. I was able to easily contact amazon using their chat system and have a new pair in the correct size sent with free express shipping, all I had to do was mail back the original pair and amazon paid for that too.Bought as part of a costume for a show...we purchased several Skechers boots years ago and they've held up really well. Was happy to finally find a woman's work boot. I bought a size 7, since the performer I was purchasing for was having problems dancing in a 7.5...but she normally wears an 8. Most dancers like their shoes to be pretty snug, so going down in size wasn't a huge surprise, but going down a full size is pretty uncommon (then again, so is dancing in work boots). Just be aware, they seem designed for a 'roomy' fit.I have to admit, I was afraid and leery of trying these as they didn't have the option of wide width. I usually get a 7 in sneakers and 7.5 wide in dressy shoes. My toes have been hurting and being pinched lately maybe because I am now on my feet at work. Some reviews said these run roomy and big, so I decided to give it a try. They fit good, feel good and look good. I wanted an ankle boot as the weather is getting cooler and I hate feeling the cooler air on my ankles. I also wanted a dressier shoe. There is a bit of room but I prefer that to not enough. There is a stiffness in certain areas but It's a Los Angeles Lakers. Both of these are not intolerable. What I liked is that the top is not confining and the boot doesn't feel heavy like I thought they would be. I am glad I gave Skechers a try in boots... and sneakers... other than oxfords. It just took me long enough. I plan on trying other styles in their brand.