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Traditionally quite comfortable

These usa jerseys clothing fit my wide feet well, but with rock hard soles and no arch support I found it hard to wear them for a full day. I suppose some Dr. Scholls would help but they really sucked. I suppose they did their job because I was not burned while welding, but with no reinforcement over the toes or heel/ankle area I would not be too optimistic in a professional situation.I love these shoes, but they did take an afternoon to get used to. I had a pair of Docs that I bought 13 years ago. The day I arrived in NYC, I noticed on the bus that my soul was busted on my shoes. The rubber had split. I was so sad and wanted another pair. I found these and hoped they would fit the bill. I have another pair of docs (mary Jane's) and I wore the same size in both pairs I'd had, so I ordered the same size (13 years later) and it's still the same. The new ones fit just right. I did have to undo the laces and redo them so that they would tie tighter. The backs feel a bit slippy so I wore them around the house for an afternoon to make sure they'd be okay. In the end,buy cheap nba jerseys I've realized they're a little bit more like clogs--in how you have to walk in them. I've worn them every day for over a week and still love them. The height of the heel is good for walking in rain and snow. They are a more feminine oxford than my old ones and I love that!

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Doc Martens are traditionally quite comfortable and these are too,NFL Football Jerseys however just be aware that they are chunky (heavy) but because of the "Bouncing Airsoles" you should be able to wear them for an extended period of time. They are a bit boxy in the toe area but that is fine as your toes are not squished at all. I have mild plantar fascitis in one foot so I wear insoles for that and the shoes do not become too tight even with them inside. I typically wear a 9 1/2 M (U.S.) but ordered a 7 M (UK) which equals out to a 9 M, fearing that an 8 UK would be too large,MLB Baseball Jerseys and there are no half sizes in these shoes so you will need to take that into consideration when ordering.I was so upset when I saw that Amazon was sold out of the Caterpillar version of these boots. I'm required to wear steel toe boots to work and I've been buying the Caterpillar brand for 9 years. Well, I must have purchased all the ones Amazon had in stock in my size. Oh well. Anyway, I was so excited when I saw these Dr. Martens. They're actually better than the Caterpillar brand! They are heavier with a thicker sole and more support for people who are on their feet all day like me. The stitching and leather quality are impecable. I will definitely buy these again. For an idea on sizing,NBA Basketball Jerseys I wear a size 8 in tennis shoes but I needed a size 7 (US Women's) in these.