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They have enough space

This is the second time I've ordered these NHL Hockey Jerseys. The first pair lasted a full year of wearing 5 days/week 12 hours/day. Pretty darn good. I will warn you: it takes a couple weeks to break these puppies in. After that period, there were no issues. I did find a thinner insert to wear with it as I do a lot of walking on concrete. That helped make the shoe a bit more comfortable for longer. They has the classic Dr. Martens look that I get a lot of compliments on. The sole is thick (which is great because I'm very short!), and I caught my toe on the ground a few times the first day as I got used to it.
First I need to let yall know what kind of abuse I put my shoes through. I walk between 5-8 miles a day in a warehouse on concrete floors. There is no relief for my feet or shoes from carpeted areas. The last couple of steel toes I owned were Keens and they were great shoes. The Atlanta's and Albany's last roughly a year but I was want something more professional. I purchased the Gunby and was hoping the large sole would work great on concrete floors,Los Angeles Lakers.

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I have now had the shoes for roughly a month and well I'm pretty disappointed. First the insert that comes with the usa jerseys clothing has your foot riding high in the shoe causing excessive heel slippage. Second the shoe is extremely narrow. I purchased a size 13 which is half a size larger than my foot. This should of allowed me plenty of room for my feet but I was wrong. I also have a very narrow foot and well the shoes squeeze the hell out of my feet. I am going to get with Amazon and try to return these shoes because they are so narrow. The shoes took about 3 days to break in the heels is great for concrete floors but I definitely recommend going wide with these boots.I bought these for work. I LOVE them. I am wearing them pretty much all the time. The cushioned insoles that they already have are good but I have planters fasciitis and require a little more support which they have plenty of room for. They have excellent padding on the heel. I was concerned about getting blisters but no problem what so ever. I have wide feet and they are perfect for me. I am a huge doc martin fan anyways but I strongly suggest taking the plug and purchasing these awesome buy cheap nba jerseys. I wear 8 1/2 US women's and bought 6 UK and they fit well. Plenty of toe room.