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I need a pair of boots

Before buying these NFL Football Jerseys I tried them in various sizes at a Skechers' oulet store. I normally wear a 9 1/2, but the 9 felt perfect. Still, I went with the 9 1/2 thinking of the thick socks I'd wear. The boots are warm enough, so you don't really need to wear heavy socks. Now, even when I'm wearing two pairs of thick socks, the boots come off every step I take, which makes it difficult to walk fast and/or long distances. I live in Madrid, so I do a lot of walking. But, then again, this was my bad.I got these last week and so far I love them! They are true to size, I got a 7.5 (what I normally wear) and they fit perfectly. You may want to order up a 1/2 size if you plan on wearing really bulky socks underneath, but I am using them for everyday use......going to school, getting groceries, shopping, etc etc.They are much more comfortable than I thought they would be, I was expecting the soles to be somewhat stiff, but I can wear these for hours and they don't hurt my feet or legs. They keep me warm and dry and I don't have to worry about my scrubs getting dirty when going to work now :)I also find there is ample room and don't have a problem with them not being wide enough in the calf area when I tuck in my jeans. Overall, I think they are great MLB Baseball Jerseys!

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I needed a pair of NBA Basketball Jerseys for my trip to Colorado. I have always been a fan of Ugg's but decided to give these a try to save a few bucks. These boots are WAY better than Uggs, and I can't beleive I am even saying that. I thought the sole would be way to thick but it isn't. The boots have great tread for snow and ice, they are warm and fit perfectly. I always find that Ugg's run big and never truly fit right. I assumed it was the style of boots, but these boots fit to a tee. They also stay up, another complaint that I had with this style boot previously. The sketchers stay in place, they are thick and warm and really great. I am a 7.5 and I bought a 7.5 in black and love them! I wish it wasn't the end of winter but I can't wait to wear them next winter.This is the second year I've had these boots and they're still holding up great. They're warm enough around the city,Los Angeles Lakers but not the best in really cold conditions for a long time(-10). The soles are great for walking. They don't get too hot indoors. They also are lightweight. I would recommend purchasing a good suede protector spray and keep them out of the salt. Retreat them at least twice a season. They'll stay looking good for longer if you keep them clean. Skechers make great NHL Hockey Jerseys that are true to size, but w/ heavy socks I would buy 1/2 size bigger.